For those of you who do not know what IMATS is, it is the acronym for the International Makeup Artist Trade Show. And it is taking place in NYC at Pier 94 this year! The date of said event is from Friday, April 11th 2014 – Sunday, April 13th 2014. However, only PRO Card Members on visit on the first day which is Friday. Afterwards, It is is general admission! Tickets are now on sale, get them while they’re around! I, myself must purchase a ticket before it’s too late! The general admission is said to be $55 online, and $65 at the door.

This will be my first time attending such show and I am highly excited about it! I even talked my best friend Kai into coming!

NOW. What takes place in IMATS, you ask? Magic. (LOL) The reason I know is because I have been living vicariously through other bloggers that have blogged about their experiences there. From the hundreds, and i mean hundreds of blogs that I’ve skimmed through, I have not heard not one flaw of such event.

‘It is a large convention where thousands of vendors, makeup artists and enthusiasts display and collect the best the industry has to offer’ . . I lie to you not. That was all it took for me to be sold on attending! According to zadidoll,┬áThe discounts range from 20%-50%+ ! This is awesome for aspiring mua’s who want to expand their kit! She also gave much needed tips on how every newbie should prepare for IMATS! *cough* comfy shoes will be on the top of the list for me. (check that out)


– Lime Crime

– Sugarpill Cosmetics

– Anastasia

– Stila

– Frends

– Sigma



– Lady Moss

– Lit Cosmetics


(I WILL be sure to blog about my experience in the future!)

Until then, i will be purchasing my ticket and hopelessly waiting like the makeup enthusiast I am!


What about you? are YOU coming to IMATS 2014?

  • What happens at IMATS? Magic. I love that! I have been to the last 2, in Toronto and Los Angeles. And I have to say they can be overwhelming. But in a wonderful wonderful way! I can’t wait until the New York City when. I have my plane ticket I have my media pass and I am ready to go!

  • I cant wait to see your haul. This would be my third time that I have been to IMATS NYC. I want to go to LA.

    • Unfortunately, i wasn’t able to make it to IMATS this year [for the 3rd time in a row] due to me missing out on tickets. This year i will definitely purchase my tickets early as hell lol

  • Ugh. Too bad I missed it. I would have loved to attend the show.