My List of Trusted EBAY Authentic Cosmetics Sellers!

I know a lot of people will have their own opinions, but Cosmetic reselling is becoming quite popular these days. Whether it be Amazon,, or Ebay. I don’t know about you, but when I wake up late enough to not catch a limited edition MAC lipstick *rolls eyes* .. I log onto eBay.

Now! You will find prices that are too good to be true, my best advice to you is to either message the seller and inquire on if said product is legit or just look at their seller reviews. Some sellers also offer a money back guarantee if you are not pleased with that product. People on eBay will leave terrible feedback when they know a product  sold to them was either tampered/used, or just flat out fake. With that being said, most sellers know the deal. They now include either the box in your shipment, or they disclaim in their description page the authenticity of that item.

Feedback! I do not purchase items from any seller who’s feedback is below score of a 90% with under 500 reviews. It also depends on the number of feedback that seller has acquired too. Let’s just say, if a seller has joined eBay in the year of 2010, and has a feedback score of 100% but they only sold ONE item, that is NOT accurate enough for me to purchase anything from them. I would not trust nor test my luck with that. However, If a seller’s feedback looks like this ———–> *insert name here* (98.9% 112934). That means they have a feedback close to a hundred and have been reviewed by 112,934 people. Trustworthy? YES!

My favorite part is the bidding. I once won a NARS lipstick for $5.27! And I just recently won a Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick for $4.23. Both items had free shipping and were also NIB (new in box). The key to that is to keep certain items on your ‘Watch’ list and don’t bid until the last 15-20 seconds! .. Evil I know 😉 Muhehehahaha! *rubs hands together* .. I’ve seen a Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick for as low as $19..I know the person who won that was hype. However, I’ve actually saved tons of money shopping on eBay with these sellers. I’ve had no problems with my transactions , bad all items I’ve purchased were all authentic! Best part? Free/Fast shipping! With that being said, I now present to you the top authentic cosmetic sellers I buy from on eBay:

1.) globaldiscounts 99.9%
2.) e2cosmetics 99.1%
3.) rosewater2008 99.7%
4.) tamalah20 99.8%
5.) surfinjunkie 99.3%
6.) makeupexpress4 99.4%
7.) sgotravel35 99.8%
8.) lively1350 99.8%
9.) ocsan714 100%
10.) teresalynn3809714 100%
11.) kirstenhale1923 99.8%
12.) expo_lots 99.7%
13.) newtexasnorton 99.9%
14.) eldazabel 99.9%
15.) 9250laurie 100%
16.) makeupisland 100%
17.) gajor4 100%
18.) wearingp 99.4%
19.) harmoneysales 99.6%
20.) geraldinefragrance> 100%
21.) dliefling 99.6%
22.) candycosmetics 99.9%
23.) vgsny 99.5%
24.) pretty1957 99.4%
25.) moises72010 100%
26.) greatshoper15 99.7%
27.) flairshare 99.8%
28.) bestbuybeauty 99.5%
29.) windowexpress24 99.6%
30.) crosbyattic 99.0%
31.) library419 99.9%
32.) danibeav1985 100%
33.) rymstores 99.2%
34.) tinkershero69 99.8%
35.) hollywoodbeautystore 99.0%
36.) stage-prep101 99.0%
37.) tessies_coins 99.8%
38.) bellawine 99.4%
39.) huixin.li100 100%
40.) magnificentobsession1 100%
41.) arehbergg84 98.6%
42.) wham_bam_glam 99.4%
43.) *allura* 99.4%
44.) 93rx7zoom 99.6%
45.) highend-beauty 99.6%
46.) my-boo-kitty 100%
47.) dealweek 99.7%
48.) wc-racer 100%
49.) fran24112 98.7%
50.) smiley_time 99.8%

I will be sure to keep this list updated 🙂