Milani Spring 2014: Nail Lacquer

As I stated in the previous post, I had purchased these adorable nail lacquers by Milani! 🙂 They are apart of the Milani Spring 2014 collection. What intrigued me about them so much was that they looked just like candy! So pretty and delicate, almost cute enough to eat 🙂 I have to admit, I am most definitely attracted to solid bold colors. I have hundreds of nail polishes by Milani but these babies right here? Effortlessly take the cake…

Milani Spring 2014

Milani Spring 2014: Nail Lacquer

The best part about these nail polishes is that they were definitely true to color with each application.

Milani Spring 2014: Nail Lacquer

Showy Sea Green

Milani Spring 2014: Nail Lacquer

Colorful Coral

Milani Spring 2014: Nail Lacquer

Splendid Strawberry

Milani Spring 2014: Nail Lacquer

Popping Pink

Popping Pink – A very cute rosy pink

Colorful Coral – A pinkish coral. very fun for the summer, too!

Splendid Strawberry – A nice intense pink with semi red undertones! Definitely one of a kind.

Showy Sea Green – A fun bumblegum green that isnt too intense, but is pastel just enough to be considered such.

Le Verdict!

These nail lacquers by Milani had a very smooth application. The brush was so lovely and soft with each stroke. In the pictures above, those were only 2 COATS of polish and no top coat. I did not have to keep going over my nails to feel the full intensity of the color, which is AWESOME! 8). They also dry quickly, unlike certain nail polishes! They drying time period is about, maybe, 3-5 minutes. In addition. these lacquers were also inexpensive, They are approximately $4 at your local Walgreens, Riteaid or CVS. Don’t quote me on it though! They’re always having little cute sales on Milani polishes. They are definitely a fabulous brand. Overall, I am extremely happy and satisfied with my purchase 😀


Do you own any spring nail lacquers? If so, what shades do you own and how do you like them?