Mint Tea Reduces Unwanted Facial Hair?

Mint Tea


Mint tea has been my super hero these past few weeks. Who would have thought? This issue was once something that I couldn’t bring myself to publicly speak about, let alone blog about. I’ve taught myself to accept my flaws and that beauty comes from within. Here’s my story: Since puberty, I’ve been struggling with unwanted facial hair, all thanks to genetics. :rawr: I could deal with having hairy legs, and under arms, that’s fine. Cause you can always wax, or use removal creams to get rid of that. But my face? no! NO.  NO. NO. NO. NO. NO!  There was no reason for me to have a mustache and a beard to match. 😡 In high school it used to bother me a lot because, well, it’s high school. Did it make me insecure? Nah. It was just something I had to deal with as a young woman. Plus I threatened to beat anyone up who came out of pocket when it came to me. Lol. To get rid of my unwanted facial hair, I turned to shaving — I was young, maybe 16. I used my pops razor. And poor little ol’ me, not only did i get razor bumps, but the hair grew back quicker and thicker! GREAT. What do i do now? I have bumps, hair, AND marks from the ingrown hairs. . . 👿 I tried everything. I even tried electrolysis hair removal, and to make matters worse, I had an allergic reaction to the type of needle that the lady had used on me. Turns out that I was allergic to nickel. She offered to use a gold needle on me but I was so discouraged with the first session that I politely declined. So now, not only did I have unwanted facial hair, but now my skin was acting up! 😥 ..Awesome

So I just focused on taking care of my skin, along with that, I used Cetaphil Face Wash and Clear & Smooth facial cream. Those pretty much got the razor bumps to go away and it also made my marks a little less visible. So now! Back to the topic. One week, I was drinking mint tea excessively, out of the blue. It was just one of those things. 😆 I However, since drinking such tea, I realized that I did not have to do a facial as often as I usually did. For instance, I use hair removable cream on my face every 2 days or 48 hours, Since drinking the tea, I wouldn’t have to remove any hair for about 4-5 days. I have seen a difference in my facial hair growth. The time it takes for the hair to grow back decreases. I also seen a difference in my skin, It was more radiant and healthier looking!

So I hopped online and researched: ‘mint teas effect on unwanted facial hair’ .. needless to say, there WAS a relationship between the two.  According to Miranda Hitti (reviewed by Louise Chang, MD) of WebMD:

‘Bood tests showed that the women’s levels of androgens — hormones that include testosterone — dipped after drinking the spearmint tea for the five days.
It’s normal for women to have androgens, but having high androgen levels and hair follicles that are sensitive to androgen can lead to hirsutism (unwanted facial hair).
The hormonal shift the women experienced after drinking spearmint tea might reduce hirsutism, the researchers say.’

So there is a possibility that mint tea reduces the growth of unwanted facial hair. What I gathered from this is that mint tea has an antiandrogenic effect on the body that suppresses the androgens in a woman’s body that allows her to grow facial hair. 🙂 In other words, all my hairy ladies, drink up! 😀

Additional Benefits of Mint Tea

– Stress relief
– Sinus relief
– Weight loss
– Acne
– Stomach problems