Morphe Brushes + Individual Eyeshadow Pans

I’ve been hearing a lot about Morphe Brushes lately! My curiosity has played a major part in me purchasing their individual eyeshadows as well! A co-worker of mine, Jenna (heyyyyyyyyy boo! :D) actually reinforced the hearsay about the quality of these brushes, So I figured, hey! why not? I’m always down to try new things. ESPECIALLY brushes. So I’m browsing the website and I see that they also have makeup palettes as well! Me, personally, I have far too much 88 & 121 color palettes (thanks to BH Cosmetics), so I gave those a pass. Again, What really caught my attention was their individual eyeshadow pans. Heres the best part – They were only $2 a pop. YAS! On top of that, I applied for their MUA Program & received an extra percentage off of my purchase. So I went on and ordered 6 morphe brushes and 5 cute individual eyeshadow pans.

NOW, this wouldn’t be an honest review if I didn’t tell you guys what happened after my order was shipped. After I placed my order, I received a confirmation email giving me my USPS tracking number for my shipment. I had ordered during the weekend, so I was under the impression that my tracking number would update during the following weekday. I waited about a couple days, until I looked at my calendar and realized 11 days had passed and I had not received my order. In addition to that, my tracking number never updated, so I had absolutely no clue where my package was.

So I contacted Morphe Brushes. Luckily for me, their customer service is rocket fast and efficient. I spoke with Jesse from the Customer Care department! He was very helpful and happily assisted me about my problem. He then resent me a second package. Only this time, he expedited the order on my behalf. I was so shocked because my package literally arrived in 2 days!  I am happy that Jesse handled the situation professionally and insisted should I have any concerns, too keep in contact. Thank you Jesse, for representing your company so well!

Now lets get into these brushes, shall we? . . .

Morphe Brushes Promo

They were all oh so soft! I played vigorously with them to see if any of the bristles would shed easily, but nope. not a brush hair in sight. Even after washing them before my face applications. I am honestly pleased and amazed by the quality of morphe brushes. While cruising their site, I’ve seen brushes for as low as $5! How crazy is that?! Definitely not a brand to be slept on.

Morphe Brushes

Morphe Brushes 6

Morphe Brushes 5

Morphe Brushes 3

Morphe Brushes 4

Morphe Brushes 0

Morphe Brushes 00

Morphe Brushes 1

Morphe Brushes 2

Morphe Brushes 9

Morphe Brushes 10

Morphe Brushes 7

Morphe Brushes 8

Let’s not forget about the individual shadow pans! These are very pigmented. That was my only concern with the price being so generously less costly.

Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow 1

What blew me away was their ability to actually fit inside my MAC Pro Palette inserts! HOW BOMB IS THAT?! Can’t wait to play around with these bad boys and create a festive look! (You have to pack the yellow color on to get the full intensity of the color. It isn’t as pigmented as the others colors I’ve purchased.)

Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow 3

Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow 4

Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow 2

Morphe Brushes Individual Eyeshadow Swatches:

Morphe Brushes Eyeshadow 5

* I purchased all of the above items mentioned with my own money. I was not compensated for this review.