Should Dark Skin Women Contour?

(Model Leomie Anderson)
Hello Everyone! Happy Summer to you all ♥

I’m sure everyone knows about the ever growing contouring trend. It’s almost like an epidemic. (Shout out to Kim K’s makeup artist, who put the whole world on to ben nye banana powder, lol!) I swear, makeup was never the same for me since discovering that powder. I do wish to try something new though. I’ve grown quite bored of it, and I’m curious to try something possibly new and better. Anyway, back  to the topic – I’m beginning to ramble, haha! Contouring – It’s a routine/trend that’s quite hard to ignore considering companies like It Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills who recently emerged on the market with contouring palettes not to long ago.

While at work, I’ve been approached on numerous occasions, I mean, NUMEROUS regarding how to contour. What really stood out to me was when a young lady leaned in and politely asked me: ‘Should, and can dark skin women contour?’  The sad part is, she asked me like she had already given up hope, almost as if she was excluded by default and wouldn’t be surprised if the answer were to be ‘no’.. Personally, I feel like when it comes makeup, there are no rules. (With that being said, I believe any skin tone can contour!)

Her skin tone was not to far from the young lady pictured above. I explained to her the significance of highlighting. When it comes to dark skin to even deeper pigmented women, I always focus on highlighting more than finding a darker cream or concealer to contour with because I find that they can use their skin as that deeper color. When you’re contouring, It’s mainly focused towards bringing shadows to the face and making your features more chiseled, defined or slimmer. I like to mix their own foundation with a little bit of lotion or a lighter concealer shade  (just to dilute the consistency and/or to lighten the color so i can highlight underneath the eyes, forehead and cheeks.) I find that doing it this way, makes a great highlight without having to incorporate numerous product. Because most concealers or powders might be too light, This works great for me when working with deeper skin because I am able to customize the shade to our liking without my clients feeling like their makeup is too ashy looking. It’s just the right tone of warm 😉 .. I love using Black Opal‘s foundation sticks to contour! They’re the bomb. (The only set back is if you have oily skin, you WILL need to set it with a powder.)

Any and everyone can contour and highlight!

Don’t allow yourself to be limited.


Stay blessed loves! Until next time 🙂