Alpha Hydrox Nourishing Cleanser & Spot Light Targeted Skin Lightener Review

Alpha Hydrox




This is a very sensitive topic for me but I’ve learned to embrace my flaws as a young woman in today’s harsh, and very much self entitled society. You’ll have to excuse my bitterness. I’ve been through it all, lol!

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I suffer from unwanted facial hair -_- (Shoutouts to my genetics). I’m not talking about ‘fine’ hair either, I’m talking about thick hair that grows back in 48 hours. I literally have a 5 o’clock shadow if I don’t keep up with my facials. Along the line, after doing a tremendous amount of research, I do plan on getting laser hair removal (for dark skin of course). If it’s treatable, why not? It’s worth a shot.

During puberty, I used to resort to my fathers razor in terms of getting rid of the random wires that would plunge out of my face. It was a horrible idea! Because of it, I’ve gotten not only razor burn, but razor BUMPS. When the bumps subsided, they left behind a beautiful present: dark marks. These beautiful spawns of satan cascaded throughout my neck and underneath my chin. What made it worse was, when the hair grew back, i would get ingrown hair bumps as well, and that left behind scarring. I resorted to makeup to cover these scars.

During my senior year in high school, I decided to get electrolysis done by a lady in my area. I figured since it was FDA approved, it would do me no harm. Oh? Think again. My skin was itchy, blotchy & red after the first session. My skin had NEVER acted this way towards anything. When the swelling went down, It left behind these horrid dark spots where she stick the needle in. I don’t think it was the procedure that made my skin react the way it did, I think it was the type of metal she used. We’ve concluded that I was allergic to nickel — Just my luck. What also further confirmed this was when I bought a cute ring from Charming Charlie, and my hand turned navy/dark green QUICK! And that was all because of it being made of what? Say it with me: nickel ._.

So, what now? I have these annoying dark spots around the side of my face and neck that won’t go away no matter what I use! I tried black soap, and that didn’t do shit for me besides make my skin softer. My mission was to get rid of these dark spots that make me so self conscious.

After much research and stalking Paula’s Choice, I figured I would try out a brand called Alpha Hydrox. From this brand, Paula recommended the Spot Light Targeted Skin Lightener. She rated it to be among the best products to get rid of uneven skin and darker pigments.

Alpha Hydrox

Screenshot of Alpha Hydrox’s Spot Light Skin Lightener Fade Cream from the, Rated “BEST”


So one day, after work, I purchased the nourishing cleanser along with the spot light skin lightener fade cream. As soon as I got home, you can imagine how immediately I removed my makeup and tried Alpha Hydrox’s Nourishing Cleanser along with the Spot Fade Cream.

Directions & Ingredients on the back of Alpha Hydrox's Nourishing Cleanser

Back of Alpha Hydrox’s Nourishing Cleanser


2 months later…

Let me start off by saying how nice and supple my skin feels! It feels so refreshed. The number one thing I admired about this cleanser was the fact that it did not dry me out like most face washes do. It left me nice and moisturized! It’s also anti-aging which is great for all the ladies who are looking for a good anti aging cleanser. Because it has 10% glycolic acid, I’ve noticed how my pores have shrunken, my acne scars have also become faded (in conjunction with using the spot lightening cream). I cant speak much on the reduction of wrinkles seeing how I don’t have them yet, but my ‘forehead lines’ don’t show as much! 🙂 (Lol, I just need to stop frowning).  This is also great for hyper pigmentation and it’s a great cleanser to unclog the pores. I can definitely see myself becoming a faithful user of this product from Alpha Hydrox. I apologize for not having comparison pictures up!

Now for the spot lightening cream! When it comes to these kinds of things, I am very meticulous where I put these creams because I don’t want to end up being light skin when I’m clearly brown skin lol! So I did just what the directions told me to do, and I applied the spot lightener directly on the places where I had hyper pigmentation and discoloration. I did this every night — I’ve noticed over time how my dark spots have lightened, I was too excited. It’s almost like I couldn’t tell the difference. They’re literally almost noticeable, but not like before! I know this is due to the cream having 2% hydroquinone in the ingredients. All in all I’m excited! I do plan on getting laser hair removal in the near future when my skin is where I want it to be. I’ll keep you guys posted on the progress! But to conclude this review, I definitely recommend both products.