Are we just buying the packaging?

Is it really ‘All about the packaging’?

As a makeup artist, beauty blogger, or even makeup junkie. You’ll learn very quickly that makeup and skincare are FAR from cheap. I’ve noticed that whenever I would go makeup shopping for myself, or either to replenish my freelance kit, these prices fall steep!  Granted I have discounts with certain companies, but still they add up! Guess you gotta pay for quality right? How do you guys feel about this?

I’ve noticed everyone going crazy over palettes from BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents, but as soon as I log on to Amazon or eBay, I would find that same exact palette for literally 3 bucks, lol! Save the fact that they’re all made in China, it’s just the mere fact that these products were the exact same.

When I discovered dupes, It triggered a thought in my mind – Are we just paying for the packaging? Believe it or not, companies utilize the notion of executing great packaging for an ‘okay’ product. But that’s just my theory.

I don’t want my products to look cute, I want them to work!



So my question for you is…


Are we buying the same things over and over, but in just different packaging?

If so, what are your favorite dupes?