Review: MONAT Global’s Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive


Retail Price: $99

 Revitalize your hair with Rejuveniqe!

Winter is emerging! (well, kind of). Being a natural haired girl, that means that I have to moisturize, moisturize, MOISTURIZE!

I recently gave myself a trim because I wanted a fresh start! Plus I had split ends, so I definitely had to get rid of that, lol. Ironically, I was sent this oil treatment/serum around the same time I decided to give myself a cut. The name of the company is MONAT Global! I’ve never heard of them so I’m assuming they’re a new company on the come up 🙂 I’m so excited to review this product for you guys!

The product is called Rejuveniqe! It claims to deeply moisturize your luscious locks, and promote healthy hair growth and to!  This can also be used as a face and body moisturizer!

Here is an excerpt from their website pertaining to Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive:

“REJUVENIQE™ OIL INTENSIVE” nourishes and energizes the scalp with an invigorating blend of 11+ unique molecular ingredients- including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, beta-carotene and omega-6 fatty acids- that mimic the body’s natural oils.  The proprietary formula reduces hair thinning, prevents oxidative stress and adds incredible volume, repairing the hair with instantly visible, long-lasting shine without the damaging effects of silicone.


How it works:

  • Protects skin and hair from damaging environmental influence
  • Helps naturally replenish sebum (the skin and scalp’s natural oils)
  • Alleviates dehydration caused by harsh cleaners and styling products
  • Replenishes the hair and skin by absorbing quickly and completely
  • Delivers significant shine, strength and manageability

Rejuveniqe also contains 8 oils….



1. Abyssinian: The Key ingredient in Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive. From the crambe abyssinica plant native to central Africa, it’s a rare and unique combination of fatty acids prized for their ability to do everything from mimic the effects of silicon for unbeatable shine; lubricate the hair deep into the follicle; and protect and coat each strand.

2. Baobab: The renowned baobab trees have grown for centuries in the arid climates of India and Africa, and its exotic oil from the tree’s seeds are rich in antioxidant-rich palmitic acid and Vitamin F.

3. Buriti: The fruit of Africa’s Moriche palm – known as the Tree of Life – is one of the world’s richest sources of beta-carotene, which moisturizes and nourishes.

4. Camelia: Also known as tea-seed oil, it’s ultra-hydrating oil responsibly harvested from China that cleans the scalp and pampered dry stands thanks to its abundance of Vitamin E and polyphenols.

5. Carrot Seed: Specially sourced from the mountains of Switzerland, it’s rich in Vitamin A to condition the scalp, plus Alpha Linolenic Acid for anti-inflammatory protection.

6. Monoi: Selectively sourced from the warm tropics of Tahiti, it’s a restorative oil rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids to heal damage and promote growth from the root.

7. Meadowfoam: This oil is sourced right from the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Named for its flowers’ resemblance to white foam on the ocean, meadowfoam oil is another outstanding source of Omega 9 fatty acids for shine and sheen.

8. Moringa: Ancient Egyptians prized Moringa Oil for its nourishing properties, thanks to antioxidants and Vitamin E, which help combat skin fatigue, plus clean and purify the scalp.



( I was sent this product to use and review. This is my complete unbiased opinion. I did not get compensated for writing about this product. Lastly, I am not affiliated with this company. )

♥ Packaging ♥

It comes in a sleek plastic bottle. Very modern looking in my opinion. It isn’t bulky at all. Can be easily stored wherever and can also be utilized as a travel size accessory. It twists open so you don’t have to worry about the product spilling out easily, or staining anything. My package came with a few pamphlets as well, they provided very useful instructions in regards to different ways of utilizing the oil, whether it be for your hair, skin or body.

Rejuveniqe Oil Intenstive

Rejuveniqe 04

Rejuveniqe 05

♥ Ease Of Use ♥

It has a button on top that extracts the oil out of the bottle so that it’s easier to deposit the product directly on to your scalp. Which I think is pretty cool because that made it easier to reach the middle of my scalp and beyond due to it being the driest part of my head. The extractor doesn’t pick up much product, (which I find a little weird) but it’s okay. With this oil, a little goes a very long way.

Rejuveniqe 03

♥ The Smell ♥

It smells like fresh lemons! What I love about the smell is that is isn’t loud and obnoxious. Almost soothing 🙂 Did I mention that this oil is made from all natural ingredients? That’s probably why it smells so great! (More less, very citric).

Rejuveniqe 08

Rejuveniqe 09

Rejuveniqe 06

Rejuveniqe 07


♥ Overall ♥

I really do like this oil! It made my hair soft to the touch and very manageable. My curls are super defined and frizz free, they also bounce back when I pull at them. I can feel a difference in my hair; It feels so much more healthier! I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my hair as well. I’ve also noticed that my hair is strikingly shinier than usual, and most importantly, moisturized! I didn’t use this as a moisturizer on my skin because I’m already following a faithful regime. However, I can definitely say, since using Rejuveniqe, my nails have grown exponentially! lol I’ve had to get a fill in at the nail salon within a week of using this. I guess the oil penetrated my nail bed causing my nails to grow a little longer. Cons? the price. It retails for a whopping $99. Realistically, that’s a bit much for a college student on a budget such as myself. I can definitely say I’ve become a fan of this product!