Review: Spooky Eyes | Aqua Blue Daisy Contact Lenses ♥

I received the ‘Aqua Blue Daisy‘ contact lenses from Spooky Eyes and etailPR. I’m very excited to review these bad boys! I’ve always wanted to try color contacts, but was afraid that I’d either look crazy, or resemble a reptile.  :rofl:  However, though these are dramatic, fun and far from natural, I was very shocked at how stunning they looked on! Peep the specs below:

Spooky Eyes: Aqua Blue Daisy

Spooky Eyes Contact Lenses offer a variety of different contact lenses from natural, to dramatic. I browsed their website and I couldn’t help but notice all of the beautiful natural colors! They also have a special section for sci-fi and Halloween kind of lenses, as well. These soft lenses have a 12 month lifespan once opened, are suitable for all eyes, and are FDA approved. Spooky Eyes always offer free shipping on all orders!

  • Included: One pair of soft, non-vision altering contact lenses.
  • Retail Price: $27.95 plus free shipping
  • Availability: on


Spooky Eyes: Aqua Blue Daisy

One the box shows the expiration date of the contacts and information such as diameter and B.C

Spooky Eyes: Aqua Blue Daisy

Upon receiving my package and opening the box, I couldn’t help but gaze at the amazing opaque color. These really resemble a blue daisy  😀

Spooky Eyes: Aqua Blue Daisy

Here are some photos of me wearing spooky eye’s contact lenses in ‘aqua blue daisy’. I apologize for not having a shirt on. I can be somewhat of a nudist, lol.

Pictures! ♥

Spooky Eyes: Aqua Blue Daisy

Spooky Eyes: Aqua Blue Daisy

* I was sent this product to review. This was my 100% unbiased opinion.


 My Review

These contacts very pretty! They were also very opaque. I actually forgot that I had dark brown eyes. I didn’t feel like I had that fake reptile look. Cause let’s face it, some of these contacts have that look to them. After a moment, the contacts settled in and looked striking! My mom couldn’t even tell they were blue because they looked green on me. In terms of comfort, I give these a 4/5. They’re slightly blurry! I think that could be on my part though, I’m far sighted so I NEED my contacts to be prescription. Overall, I loved wearing these! I can see me incorporating these contacts into my makeup looks.


– Comfortable
– Highly pigmented/opaque
– Can see clearly in them
– Fun to wear
– Perfect for cosplay



– Does not come in prescription 🙁


You can purchase the Aqua Blue Daisy contact lenses HERE! 🙂



What do you think about the SpookyEyes Contact Lenses? Have you tried it yet? 🙂 tell me in the comments below.