Obsession! Kiko Milano Haul! + Swatches ♥

Kiko Milano = ♥

Hey lovelies, As you guys can see, I favor Kiko Milano so much! In my last post regarding them, I mentioned that they were a very price friendly brand. WELL! Guess what? Kiko somehow decided to invade my pockets by having a 30% sale for cyber week! (As if I don’t spend enough money on makeup already.) I copped a few goodies for myself and for my makeup kit. I ended up copping 2 lipsticks, 3 eye shadows, and 3 lip glosses 🙂 I forgot to mention this in the last post as well, But the ladies that work at Kiko are SO friendly and attentive! I can completely understand why, because when first walking in, the store can be very overwhelming to the average consumer, considering how things are laid out. Child, ANYBODY and I mean ANYBODY would faint when walking in. LOL! The gorgeous ocean of color does not end. They also have lots of nail polishes as well. They remind me a lot like INLGOT when it comes to the color selections, and how everything operates in a number system. Very neat place to visit! The closest store by me, is located in Queens Center Mall.

Here is my haul! 😀

Kiko Cosmetics Haul_2

Kiko Milano Lipglosses in (L-R) 113, 119 & 107

Kiko Milano Lipglosses in (L-R) 107, 119, & 113

Kiko Milano Lipstick in 714

Kiko Milano Lipstick swatch in 714

Kiko Milano Lipstick in 604

Kiko Milano Lipstick swatch in 604

Kiko Milano Colour Sphere Eyeshadow in 32

Kiko Milano Colour Sphere Eyeshadow in 28

Kiko Milano Colour Sphere Eyeshadow in 05

Swatches of Kiko Milano’s Colour Spheres L-R  in 28, 05 & 32

YO. Their products are insanely pigmented! I wore the color sphere in ’05’ alone, all over my lid – NO crease color, and It was so pretty. They all have sparkles in them that make your eyes pop beautifully!