Review: Dose Of Colors Lip Gloss + Swatches ♥

Hey dolls! Hope everyone’s enjoying this frigid winter weather! It literally felt like it went from 100 to 0 real quick. LOL! Especially here, in New York. Last night, after I had a lunch date at S’MAC with my sister Paulie,  I visited Ricky’s on East 14th Street! It was literally 3 minutes until they were going to close, but the sales associate was so sweet and decided to let us in and browse real quick. I lowkey felt like I was becoming the type of customer that I hated. I was so self conscience about the time! I know had it been me working, I would literally give the customers a cold hard stare if they even dared considered coming in to shop 3 minutes to close. LOL! I forgot her name, but bless her heart for that!

So as I’m preparing to leave, I spot a neat DOSE Of Colors set up! Now, ya’ll know how I am with lip products. They had a couple of lipsticks there too, but the lip glosses  were the real ones that intrigued me because of how insanely pigmented they were when I was swatching them. I’m aware that they have a vast variety of colors, but I immediately grabbed 4 of the colors that caught my eye! These colors were: Wild Child, Purple Fusion, Cotton Candy & Attitude! So now I present to you my Dose Of Colors haul.

Dose Of Colors Lip Gloss

Dose Of Colors Packaging

Dose Of Colors

Dose Of Colors Cotton Candy

Dose Of Colors Lipgloss in ‘Cotton Candy’

Dose Of Colors Attitude

Dose Of Colors Lipgloss in ‘Attitude’

Dose Of Colors Wild Child

Dose Of Colors Lipgloss in Wild Child

Dose Of Colors Purple Fusion Lipgloss

Dose Of Colors Lipgloss in ‘Purple Fusion’

Child, I was feeling myself so much in this Purple Fusion lipgloss, I couldn’t help but just keep snapping all these selfies! LOL

Dose Of Colors Purple Fusion Lipgloss 2

My Review

I  am now a fan of Dose Of Colors! Though their packaging could be better, the quality of their products makes up for that. These lip glosses were super pigmented and creamy. I can’t believe how vibrant and non drying these glosses feel!  I am most crazy over the fact that they are not sticky like most lip glosses. You can barely feel them on your lips! In addition, I don’t know if it has to do with the formula, but the ‘Purple Fusion’ lip gloss felt way more richer on my lips than all the other lip glosses that I ‘ve tried. This didn’t bother me, It was just something that I noticed. The purple also leaves behind a lovely stain! So your lips have a little color after you have a meal. These lip glosses retail for about $15 each.

*  I purchased the items mentioned above with my own money.

Have you tried Dose Of Colors yet? If so, what is your favorite color from this line? 🙂