Urban Decay Electric Palette ♥

I know, I know. This post was way overdue! I was able to snag Urban Decay’s Electric Palette this past Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend! It was on sale for $32 bucks! The original cost of the palette was $49, so that’s a $17 save. Awesome sauce! I’ve been plotting on the Electric Palette for a while and figured it was time to put my big girl panties on, and just buy it. Surely enough it was money well spent.

According to Urban Decay’s website:

It’s the ultimate fix for color addicts: ten of the brightest, most amazing shades you’ve ever laid eyes on, plus a double-ended brush. Chaos-inducing color—in ten VELVETY shades. Inspired by Chaos (a brilliant matte blue from The Vice Palette), we created the ultimate fix for color addicts—packed with ten of the brightest, most amazing shades you’ve ever laid eyes on, plus a double-ended brush. In addition to Chaos (yes, it’s back!), this palette marks the return of Revolt (a silver standout from our Anarchy Face Case). All the other shades are NEW!

From ultra-smooth mattes to highly dimensional shimmers, each VELVETY shade delivers insane color payout. Why do a Pressed Pigment Palette? Using pressed pigments was the only way we could create heavily saturated brights with the intense pigment load we craved. Traditional pressed pigment formulas just wouldn’t cut it. To achieve shades like these, we had to develop an entirely new formula!We carefully crafted the formula on every shade to make sure each one would apply with a soft and creamy texture and deliver serious color payout. Each shade features our Pigment Infusion System™, the proprietary blend of ingredients that gives each shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability.


 Here are snaps of my Electric Palette! 🙂

Urban Decay Electric Palette_1

Urban Decay Electric Palette_2

Urban Decay Electric Palette_3

Urban Decay Electric Palette_4

This brush is so funky! I swatched some colors with my finger, and they didn’t really come out as pigmented until I used the brush to apply the color! The density of this brush allowed the colors to be more true, pigmented and far from sheer.

Urban Decay Electric Palette_5

The brush was also very soft 🙂

Urban Decay Electric Palette_6

Urban Decay Electric Palette_7

The Electric Palette Colors:

THRASH – neon green

FREAK – lime green

URBAN – neon purplish pink

JILTED – bright deep pink

CHAOS – neon indigo

FRINGE – turqouise

SAVAGE – neon pink

SLOWBURN- neon red

GONZO – watercolor blue

REVOLT – bright silver


I wore my makeup like this to work! We were having an urban decay event today so it felt so appropriate so just go all out and do a cut crease. (Because my eyelids fold over slightly over my natural crease, I went higher on top of my crease with the liner.) Any body else has this problem? Maybe I just need eye surgery! LOL (JK) Here it is:

Urban Decay Electric Palette_8

Urban Decay Electric Palette_9



This palette is highly pigmented! As always, Urban Decay never disappoints in that aspect. However, I did some researching, and came across a couple of articles where there are a few colors from this palette that are not FDA approved, and that come of the colors are not to be used around the immediate eye area. LOL! I couldn’t help but think: ‘Bruh, is this NOT eye shadow?” However, it could be due to the formulation of the shadows, and what ever they put in those colors to make them extraordinarily pigmented. I’ll be using those colors regardless until something bad happens. Sounds bad, I know! But can you blame me? These colors are awesome sauce! They blend well too. I can definitely see me using this palette for photo shoot purposes though, unless a client asks for a dramatic colorful look. It’s a fun palette to play around with! They all remind me of loose pigments, except they are in small round compacts. Overall, I’m obsessed! I can only imagine how sick these colors will look when wet!

Have you tried the Electric Palette yet? 🙂