J.Cat Beauty ‘Pout-Holic’ Lipsticks! Review + Swatches ♥

Greetings my lovely lipstick villains! Hope everyone’s having a dope week! My week was super eventful! I’m very excited to tell you guys about these new J.Cat lippies that I recieved from J. Cat Beauty!

J Cat Pout Holic 1

What makes J. Cat Beauty’s Pout-Holic lipstick so significant is that they are creamy and highly pigmented pastel, neon, gothic colored lipsticks, formulated with Vitamin E with refreshing mint zest. So if you’re into mint scents, this is right up your alley! In addition, all products from J. Cat Beauty are 100% cruelty free.

J Cats Pout-Holic lipsticks come in 18 vibrant shades!

J Cat Pout-Holic Lipstick 1

Here are the ones I received:







J Cat Pout Holic

(From L-R: #MCM, #MOTD, #FOTD, #OOTD, #TBT, #FBF & #SMH)



The pout-holic lipsticks come in a small, flashy red tube! Though I’m not crazy about red, but this shade of red was super duper cute. This was different to me because I’m so used to lipsticks being in black/silver or matte black tubes. Very out there, yet subtle. It was odd, but it grew on me 🙂


Slightly minty, but its very faint. you’ll barely notice it, it’s not off putting or loud :). What I admire most about J. Cat’s pout-holic lipsticks, is that they don’t have that weird factory, or waxy smell like most lipsticks have.


CREAMYYYYYYYYYYY. Oh my gosh. The whole time I’m wondering how did they manage to formulate such vibrant pigmented lipsticks all the while making them creamy and super smooth? They felt very nice and velvety. These lippies reminded be greatly of NYX’s Round Lipsticks, but they were less price.


Honestly – No joke, I was super shocked at how long this lipstick lasted on me! It lasted for approximately 8-10 hours! I didn’t even have to reapply, which was crazy because normally lipsticks last a good 6 hours on me before they disintegrated or fade. Even when I swatched them on my arm, I had to scrub it off quite hard to completely remove any left over color on my arm. (It was almost tiring) lol. This is great! This means that I wont have to constantly reapply and that my color will stay in tact or furthermore, leave behind a stain after I eat or drink.


J. Cat can be found online, in Beauty Supply stores, and some ULTA stores too! My favorite place to snag my J. Cat Beauty goodies is this Beauty Supply store called Optima Beauty. (If you’re in New York, you should check this store out! AH-MAZING!) OKAY! Here’s the cool part: J.Cat’s Pout-Holic lipstick is only $3.99 a pop! Also, save 25% OFF of your future order on their website, using coupon code ‘25JCAT“. Remember, free shipping on orders over $30! And it is so easy to spend over 30 beans worth of goodies from J.Cat! LOL.

* I will be updating this post with lip swatches soon! 😀

What colors tickle your fancy? Will you be purchasing any Pout-Holic lippies? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

  • Oh my God, those colors, wuut?


    • I know! They’re so creamy and awesome!

  • Those colors are fierce! I can’t wait to check them out!

  • Michelle

    Those lipsticks look so pigmented!

    • They are! very true to color. worth every penny!

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  • These look good! This post made me think of the recently new Ruby Kisses Matte lipsticks line that is just $2.99 and a great quality look compared to higher end but like 90% cheaper. (new reader)

    • Thankyou! && niiiice i gotta check those out! hi new reader! thankyou for stopping by! dont be a stranger girlie =D

  • Willit Lookgood

    Hey I’m having trouble figuring out if JCat is a black-owned beauty brand– for some reason I thought they were but I can’t find confirmation. Do you know?