Is Your Fall Back Game On Fleek?

Fall Back Game

This is a topic that I can seriously relate to given various situations. You see it everywhere — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. People bragging about how it takes them little to no effort to erase themselves from the you +me equation.

Fall Back Game

Obviously, if you have a good reason to fall back, then by all means, fall all the way back! LOL. But I’m speaking on behalf of people who are willing to just call it quits after a challenge. Haven’t ya’ll mama’s told you: Nothing worth having comes easy? I feel that we as humans indirectly complicate things by simply over thinking. By this, I mean: putting ourselves in a space where we feel the need to fall back, when really, we need to chill. People fall back for STUPID SHIT. Simple things like not being acknowledged every single day and assuming that person has too many hoes. When in reality, that person probably has a very demanding job and is also in school. In addition, we have to realize maybe our own insecurities get the best of us. Insecurities can create scenarios that are stretched infinitely. What’s worse is when you start to believe them.

My point is: We fall back way too easily. How can we expect to efficiently flourish romantically with a person if the first thing we do is fall back? . Now, I’m not saying to waste your time on an immature bum and a superficial hoe. That’s far from what I’m saying. If whomever you were interested in turned out to be that, I hope you fell back! I’m saying, if that person has potential, wait around. Give them time to get themselves situated in regards to where they mentally, emotionally, and psychically want to be. Get to know them better — Be their FRIEND! Friendship is super important when you’re interested in a potential candidate. People get into relationships these days based on shared attractions for one another. They’re not even friends. When there’s problems, who do they run to? Their friends. Why? cause they feel like they can’t talk to each other. They can’t talk to each other because they’re not friends.

With all the pressure to cuff someone, people really forget the true essence of friendship. Especially if you’re looking for something long-term. Wouldn’t you want to know who you’ll be potentially spending your life with? We get annoyed easily and feel as though we are rightfully entitled when it comes to people we take interest in. When things don’t speed up or go our way, we fall back. Loosen up! Stop taking yourself so serious.

Unless that person isn’t interested, a complete asshole or whore among other horrible things, don’t fall back. Fight for what you want. How did you think our great grands stuck together for so long? I understand that it’s a much different time now, but be patient. If you know in your heart that this person is special, don’t play yourself by falling back. Ya’ll give in to trends too easily.