New Trend? Fake Brow Extensions!

Eyebrow Extensions

As weird as it sounds, it’s on the rise! Speaking as someone who works in the beauty industry, I think brow extensions are cool for film and creative photoshoot ideas! For instance if you’re trying to transform into someone else, or just exaggerate a facial feature. However, Brow extensions are being offered as an actual service the same way eyelash extensions are being offered! Now, I’m not going to front, Initially I found the idea of brow extensions to be crazy! We got lace front brows too?! I mean, don’t we trick men enough? LOL! (i.e: weaves, hair, makeup, waist trainers). My boyfriend at the time used to hate it when I would remove my lashes after a long day. Imagine if I were to just start plucking brow hairs out of my face? or even worse, pulling a full lace front brow off of my face? Not too pretty. :rofl: Shortly after, I thought of cancer patients and cancer survivors. This service is an amazing idea for them! I can’t imagine how happy  it would make their hearts to have a full set of brows! Especially for ladies who have little to no brows due to a scar or it being hereditary.


Here are a few photo’s of brow extensions on some ladies!

brow extensions

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brow extensions


What are your thoughts? How do you feel about brow extensions? Would you ever get it done?