#ILoveMyselfChallenge ♥

I Love Myself Challenge

We live in a world full of judgement where people are super critical of one another. The pressure to want to ‘fit in’ or belong is at an all time high. A world where someone probably see’s all of the things that they are NOT and fall victim to playing what I like to call: the compare game. The compare game is a constant struggle between yourself versus your self esteem. I often feel as though people forget that loving oneself is truly what matters most. Sometimes you have to remind yourself of how strong, hard working and funny you are!   The reason we are able to appreciate people as they are is because they love themselves! By us loving ourselves, it’s a direct reflection of how we want to be loved in return. Behold, the I LOVE MYSELF CHALLENGE!

What makes this challenge different? It’s a POSITIVE challenge. Need I say more? To hell with the ignorant challenges! I find it ironic how we can give many reasons to support complete filth, yet fall short of identifying what it is that we like most about ourselves. This isn’t to flaunt conceit, this is just something that I feel all of us need to participate in because we don’t give ourselves much credit. Don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back once in a while. Especially if you deserve it, because YOU DO.


I love myself because

[ + ] I’m calm spirited, forgiving and loving.

[ + ] I don’t settle at all. If I want something bad enough, I will make it happen by any means necessary. I’m hungry to be the best version of myself to the highest degree.

[ + ] I’m a very positive person. It took me a long time to come to this point. Being exposed to certain things like family issues and battling with depression in the 10th grade made me cynical as a teenager. I saw no hope for humanity because my world was just so dark. I longed to have a family that had to together. It wasn’t until that point when I realized: the family that has it all figured out doesn’t exist. We are learners! and while we nurture the young ones, we still are trying to figure things out every day!

[ + ] I have no problem laughing at or making fun of myself

[ + ] I realized making mistakes is inevitable and that it is well needed for us to grow from within. We have to make mistakes. How else will we learn? We learn in so many different ways and making mistakes is one of them. I learned from all of my not-so-smart choices and noted them as lessons.

[ + ] I’m independent. I don’t rely on anyone to do anything for me. Can’t claim it FULLY because, well, I’m a college student and I still live with mom and dad. Soooo I’m 80% Independent 🙂

[ + ] I never wish bad on anyone. I’ve been through a few bad breakups and always have genuinely wish the absolute best for everyone I’ve ever cared about in the past. So if you’re my ex, and you happen to read this, it’s all love yo!

[ + ] I appreciate people. I appreciate GOOD people.

[ + ] I’m patient and it doesn’t take much to make me happy.

[ + ] I bring humor to awkward situations!

I nominate YOU to do the #ILoveMyselfChallenge.

Do you accept this challenge? GREAT.


 1.) State who you’ve been nominated by!

(name, website/blog, IG or Twitter!) We want to see who loves themselves and why!


2.) Give as many reasons why you love yourself! The more, the BETTER. there is NO minimum.

You can talk about a rough patch in your life and what got you through it. You can state it in bullet points, you can even make a video about why you love yourself!

3.) Nominate and tag as many people as you want! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ILoveMyselfChallenge after you’re finished.  Link them back to this post if they are confused!

Can’t wait to see all of the love!