SABON NYC Haul + Review ♥

Sabon Photo

Hey loves! So I know I haven’t been up to date on the posts. It’s been a crucial and tense month for me! LOL. I had 3 different finals back to back — FUN. It’s safe to say that I passed all 3! By the grace of God of course, cause heaven only knows how much I PRAYED so hard at night — cried even! This is officially the last time I’m ever allowing myself to stress the way I did this semester. Cause baby, It was unhealthy! LOL.

Anyway, enough about that. We can talk about college stress and avoiding my unhealthy ways in another post!  So I recently just got hired at this cool bath and body boutique called Sabon NYC ! Also, just because I work at Sabon, it will not affect how I feel in regards to these products. This is my absolute unbiased opinion. Furthermore, despite the discount, I still purchased these products with my own money :-)…You can obviously tell I’m excited.

Here’s a small excerpt from their website:


Our inspiration comes from Nature, which holds powerful secrets. Delicate herbs and botanicals whisper the secrets to longevity and perfect health. Fragrant flowers, by way of oils and petals, bestow beauty and healing magic on their users. It is through these marvels of aromatherapy, that we are able to offer an experience of serenity to the mind.  We are inspired by the healing properties of the Dead Sea, with its vital minerals and salts. It is through this miraculous and legendary sea and our dedication to sourcing natural ingredients, that we are able to offer a healing experience for the body, mind and soul.

Right in the heart of the very busy Times Square lies the very peaceful Sabon store! I can’t stress enough of how much of a hidden gem this boutique really is. If you’re ever in town, you seriously need to check it out. Centered inside of this boutique is a beautiful rustic Jerusalem stone sink. Sabon’s tradition? wash your hands! Tuh, don’t mind if i do! Firstly, you will be asked which scent it is that you fancy.  You then get a customized hand treatment that suits your preferences. I like floral! So I was trying out all of the floral body scrubs and soaps. Within 2 minutes, I kid you not — I had new hands. Lastly, all of the products are paraben and SLS free.

Sabon's Jerusalem Stone Sink

Sabon’s Jerusalem Stone Sink. Surrounded by the sink are various body scrubs, shower oils and body lotions.

 Now. Lets get to it! I purchased the Delicate Jasmine Shower Oil, Patchouli Lavendar Vanilla Massage Oil, Body Lotion in Rose Tea, Nail Polish in Prima Ballerina and one of their Luxury Candles in Magical Amber.


SABON Shower Oil in ‘Delicate Jasmine’ $20

Heaven in a bottle. This was the first time that I’ve ever used a ‘Shower Oil’. At first glance, I was under the impression that the consistency was going to be oily. WRONG. The reason why it’s called Shower oil is due to it being oil based. The 4 natural oils in it are Olive Oil, Avacodo Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Wheat Germ Oil. These are also all rich in Omega 3,6,7, and 9 all containing Vitamins A+D. While I was in the shower, I poured a semi generous amount on to my loofah and gently massaged the shower oil all over my body. My elbows, all over my back, my neck, around my ankles and feet. A little goes a very long way. My whole bathroom smelled like a beautiful garden. In this garden, I was a beautiful faerie that fluttered effortlessly and was surrounded by a sea of jasmine flowers. Unfortunately my shower was cut short and my oasis experience dissolved due to my mom yelling out that I was using up all the hot water…What a way to be brought back into reality :ugh: …My skin? felt AMAZING. I’m so used to liquid soaps promising to soften the skin within one wash, but they rarely deliver and live up to the hype. I am honestly impressed with the Shower Oil. My skin felt so soft and renewed. When I woke up in the morning, I smelled great! Not in a loud way.

Sabon Shower Oil

 SABON Massage Oil in ‘Believe’  $27

So Sabon’s Massage oil has multiple functions. When I was at the store, I got a taste of how the ‘The Perfect Bath’ would be. Yelena, the store manager who’s given me hand treatments ( and who’s totally awesome by the way) mixed up a rather interesting concoction! This was like a spa hack that you can do at home yourself. She mixed Massage Oil, Mineral Powder and Bath Foam in a small dish and poured it over my hands for me to work in and mix myself. Asides from it smelling amazing, My hands felt soft and silky to the touch. So yeah, when you visit Sabon, ask about the Perfect Bath! I plan on going back and purchasing the mineral powder and bath foam when I can. I used the Massage oil as, well…a massage oil! I worked it in to my feet and gave myself a niiiiice foot massage. As a result, my feet were smelling amazing and were soft to the touch. I can only imagine how great this feels when you have that special someone to give you a massage using this oil 😉 Unfortunately I can’t testify to that…#ForeverAlone

forever alone

SABON Body Lotion in ‘Rose Tea’ $24

After my shower, I massaged some body lotion all over my body. I applied it when my skin was semi damp and wet. The aroma was very calming. The mixture of the two different scents was awfully pleasant as well. Great combination, I would recommend it! The Rose Tea Body Lotion dissolved into my skin nicely. I didn’t have to work it in as I would a regular lotion. It didn’t sit on top of my skin at all!  (Which is a plus for me I HATE lotions that just sit there and coat the skin like a silicone versus actually penetrating it) Wasn’t sticky or heavy either. The Body Lotion also contained majority of the same ingredients as the Shower Oil. The Body Lotion is an oil based lotion that has Olive, Avocado, Wheat Germ and Borage Oil. Rich in Vitamins A+D as well. I can honestly sit here and tell you about how amazing my skin feels forever and ever. I honestly advise you to visit a Sabon Boutique and wash your hands lol. You MUST. And share with me your experience!!

Sabon Massage Oil in Believe and Body Lotion in Rose Tea

SABON Nail Polish in ‘Prima Ballerina’ $9

Does the nail polish do anything cool? It’s Formaldehyde free! Prima Ballerina is a soft innocent cream nail lacquer.

Sabon Nail Polish in Prima Ballerina

Luxury Candle in ‘Magical Amber’ $24

Seriously. Get your butt to a Sabon store and SMELL THIS!  No words can describe how sexy this candle smells!

Sabon Luxury Candle in Magical Amber