My Absolute Favorite Places To Grab A Bite in NYC! ♥

Places to eat in NYC – If you have an unhealthy obsession for food like I do, then you should familiarize yourself with these dope food joints that I often frequent! From Queens to Brooklyn, to 42nd Street to Harlem, you won’t be disappointed.


Okay, If you’re lactose – I feel SORRY for you. S’MAC is definitely my go-to spot for lunch whenever I’m chilling in the city! They have a few locations, I often frequent the one in East Village. In my eyes, this place is like a hidden gem. Mac and Cheese AND Beer? Awesome. They literally have a menu that’s dedicated to different kinds of mac and cheese. In addition, you also have the option to add breadcrumbs and bacon 😀 Did I mention that it’s ‘gluten free’? .. Another cool fact about S’MAC is that they close late! 11pm on (Sun-Thurs) and 1 am (Fri & Sat)! (website)

I Recommend:

  • Buffalo Chicken
  • 4 Cheese (tastes AH-MAZING with bacon!)



I was meeting up with a good friend of mine, Hip Hop artist Ronnie Brown! We met up by my job and made our way to Chelsea. Outside was beautiful and their was also outdoor seating available as well but we decided to go inside and chill instead. Tip: make reservations! It gets a little busy. Even on odd days. What I love most about Cafeteria is that it’s open 24 hours! =] Great for late night cravings and post club outings with the girls. (website)

I Recommend:

  • Chicken & Waffles!

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza 

I’m very finicky about Pizza. If it’s not damn near orgasmic, I’m not eating it. I’m obsessed with Artichoke Basille’s! My ain’t lives around this restaurant; Everytime I visit her, it’s such a treat because I know that I’ll be leaving with a slice made from heaven. Listen to me, I DO NOT mind paying $5 for a slice of bomb ass pizza. In addition, the portions are very generous considering what you get for a slice. You can literally make two slices out of one. (I’d request for them to slice it in halves). So in actuality, Price wise, it’s not that bad. It still falls in your $2-2.50 range. Definitely one of my favorite places to eat in NYC. (website)

I Recommend:

  • Margarita
  • Artichoke Slice


Pies and Thighs

I found about this place on yelp! I was looking for a good soul food restaurant and behold, pies n’ thighs emerges! I love the atmosphere of this restaurant. It actually reminds me of a dated cafeteria. Kind of nostalgic! The service is super fast, but for good reason. It can get crowded quick! Their food is so yummy! They even serve mac and cheese with hot sauce 🙁 .. so perfect! lol Their deserts are bomb! I’m a firm believer of the hype. (website)

I Recommend:

  • Chicken & Waffles
  • Chicken Box (w. a side of mac and cheese!)

Chocolat Restaurant & Lounge

Located in Harlem!

Two words: very sexy. I went here with a girl friend after a long day of hanging out. The portions were small considering what I’m used to getting when I order a jerk chicken dinner from other places, but I enjoyed the hell out of my meal. Pricey, but the experience and hospitality was worth it.  The next time I come here, it’s definitely gonna be for a date. Lol!

  • Ameretto Sour (try it! it’s so smooth)
  • Jerk Chicken w/ Rice & Beans
  • Mac & Cheese

Southern Hospitality

After a long day of work, I took myself out on a date 😉 I happened to be in Hells Kitchen and it was a beautiful day! They’r very generous with the drink portions =X (website)

I Recommend:

  • Southern Moonshine in Watermelon!
  • Buffalo Mac & Cheese

Kombit Bar & Restaurant

Kombit is a Caribbean restaurant located in Brooklyn not too far from the Barclays Center. I come from a Haitian background so I’m very picky about my eats and this place gets 5 stars from me! They have nice drinks and the food is oh so good! (website)

I Recommend:

  • Port-Au-Prince (drink)
  • Griot

Vinnie’s Pizza

I remember when I first heard of Vinny’s. My friend Jamel had always spoke highly of it! Now, ya’ll know how I am about my pizza (website)

I Recommend:

  • Mac Attack Pizza
  • Buffalo Wings

Margerita Pizza

Located in south side Jamaica queens is a hidden gem! Their slices are so FREAKING good! People love to compare it to Gabby’s. I say it’s all about preference and the actual time you have available to indulge!  Asides from it being pricey, ($3 per slice, not including toppings)  it’s totally worth it if you need a quick bite on the go. Their isn’t much seating space available so you’re best off having a friend keep watch while you order. (website)

Christina’s Deli

Known for their awesome sandwiches!

I Recommend:

  • Bad Boy
  • Heart Attack

Jacob’s Soul Food


I Recommend:

  • Every damn thing.

Waverly Diner


I Recommend:

  • Waverly Melt

Cozy Soup N’ Burger

I love visiting here for a quick bite. (website)

I Recommend:

  • Swiss Burger w. Chilly Cheese Fries!

Dallas BBQ’s

Right on 42nd street! I can’t stress enough how great their drinks are. (website)

I Recommend:

  • Sticky Chicken Fingers
  • French Fries

Noodles & Company


I Recommend:

  • Penne Rosa ( Tastes GREAT with Parmesan crusted chicken!)
  • Japanese Pan Noodles