AHAVA Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer

Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer

Say hello to AHAVA’s Time To smooth Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer! For those of you unfamiliar with the company AHAVA, they are basically an Israeli based company who prides themselves in using Dead Sea minerals in their products. According to AHAVA’s website,  the Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer is a multi-benefit moisturizer that treats first signs of aging, corrects uneven skin tone, smooths fine lines, and provides all day hydration and SPF protection.

The Smell

The scent isn’t loud. Far from it. It’s almost unscented, yet it’s very soothing . Clean and light. Once again, far from overpowering. which is great! Products that are heavily scented tend to irritate my skin anyway.


The consistency of AHAVA’s Age Control Even Tone Moisturizer was rich. In terms of texture, it almost mimics butter. I would definitely advise anyone who plans on using this product to use it sparingly because a little goes a very long way. (It will last you a very long time). You can easily look greasy if you generously apply this product. So please, use very little. I’m talking literally half of a pea size; a smidge!

Did everyone forget me? No? Just a smidge?


How it feels

I really liked how light the moisturizer felt on my skin. It was rich but i barely felt it on my skin. However, I knew my face was moisturized. I even wear it underneath my makeup as well. It works especially well underneath primer! I can see this being my best friend when working with matte foundations because it makes my skin look supple, revitalized and far from dull looking. People are going to notice the differences in your skin before you do…I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my skin as of late 🙂 My mom also noted that my hyper pigmentation, a gift left behind by acne was starting to neutralize and fade. This excited me because I’ve always battled with dark spots on my neck and cheeks. I myself have also noticed how my skin has more of a glow than usual.

The Verdict

I can’t lie. After a few days of using this moisturizer, I’m quite impressed. I look forward to waking up and looking at my skin in the morning 🙂 A bit narcissistic, I know. But it’s always awesome when you know a product is working. I use it day and night with my eye cream!