AHAVA Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Concentrate ♥

Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Concentrate

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AHAVA’s Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Cream is a triple-charged superserum for eyes that helps reduce dark circles, undereye puffiness & moisturize the eye area. According to their website it Adds more moisture, luminosity and clarity for a younger, “lit-from-within” appearance. According to their website: 81% agreed the serum visibly improved the eye area* 85% reported skin around the eyes felt softer and smoother* *Based on consumer evaluations in clinical studies over 4 weeks, conducted by an independent institution on *36 women; *66 women.

This bad boy It comes in a small bottle with a dropper specially designed for you to apply it the desired orbital area. This is a convenient concept seeing how some eye creams come in jars and that would require you to stick your finger in it. Saves you the stress of having to go through that 🙂

Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Concentrate

The instructions said to apply a small pea-sized amount daily from AM to PM.
I applied the Dead Sea Osmoter Eye Concentrate every night and every morning right before I apply my makeup.

11/2 – First night using product

  • I instantly noticed the puffiness decreasing. Little sparkly thingies took the attention away from my dark circles.

11/17 – 15th Day

  • My eye contour looked rejuvenated and more youthful. Less fatigued as well! Within a week I’ve noticed a big difference in the appearance of my eyes.


It has  a lightweight texture to it. Wasn’t creamy, but wasn’t runny either. Also, it had a slight iridescent finish to it (showing luminous colors that change when seen from different angles.), and that’s probably what gives off the luminous/eye brightening effect. Might I add, the feeling of it being massaged on to your orbital area is very soothing.


I wish I took a photo to compare and contrast the difference. I had a small fold in my right eyelid, and since using this eye serum, I’ve noticed that the fold isn’t as visible as it once was. Also the texture of my eyelids are smoother than usual. My eye makeup even goes on nicely 🙂 The only con is that the dropper might deposit a little more than what I would like for it to. Which means being very mindful when squeezing it, because, after all, you need very little. After this runs out, I can definitely see myself purchasing this product when I run out of it. Very pleased with the results. This pairs exceptionally well with my AHAVA Even Tone Moisturizer.

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