Balmain x H&M: What Are Your Favorites?

H&M x Balmain

I woke up this morning. brushed my teeth, had a few sips of OJ while I checked all of my social media profiles. Dude, my feeds were on FIRE. There was a battle between folks who were voicing their discontent with those who were feigning over the Balmain x H&M collaboration. Then there were those who were annoyed at those who were even talking about the collaboration in general. LOL! Curiosity struck me. Opened a new tab, hopped on google and searched pieces from the collection. I was also curious to see if I might see anything that tickled my fancy. Wouldn’t matter any how because I’m a penny-pinching-non-financial-aid-receiving-full-time-working college student. LOL but hey, at least I can entertain the idea 😉 Now, If I had a sugar daddy….that would be a different story XD. Although, I must admit, this collaboration was fairly priced considering Balmain being a very high end luxury brand.

I wasn’t really blown away as much as I would like to be. However, I did have 2 favorites! 🙂

My Favorites

Silk-blend Velvet Dress $149

Leather and Faux Fur Jacket $149

I’m not even going to front, I could easily see Forever 21 making dupes for some of the items from Balmain x H&M’s collection.

What are your thoughts? Share your favorites!