Worth The Hype? Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipsticks! ♥

 ultra matte lipsticks

Colour Pop Ultra Matte Lipsticks!

Dude, If you’ve never heard of them, you’re probably living underneath a rock! #sorrynotsorry. The brand is taking over instagram like it’s nobody’s business. Colour Pop is mostly known for their Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks, which tends to be all the rage these days. (no, seriously….when was the last time you actually applied cream lipstick?…for me, it’s been a minute!) I had these bad boys for a while and I feel like a review is long overdue.

Ultra matte lipsticks


I KNOW for a lot of people shipping is an issue. Fortunately for me it wasn’t! My only issue was not receiving a tracking code when I purchased their shadows. Instead, I just received the package approx. 5-6 days later. It was coming from California and I live here in New York so as for as shipping, I’d say it’s decent…I have no complaints. My hypothesis as to why folks might be seeing delays in their packages is due to Colour Pop’s popularity spreading like wild fire. They’re trying their best to keep up with the demand. Hey, I’m not mad. I would much rather wait a while for my package to come delivered with all the contents I ordered, than to have it being shipped to me overnight and I have missing parts in my order. That’s just my opinion though!


Initially I wasn’t crazy about the bland white packaging but the cute hologram font made up for it. Eventually it rubs off. I’m not tripping though. Underneath the lipsticks are what matters most seeing how they have the actual shade name. All in all, this is just me being nit-picky. The packaging is decent. Nothing spectacular. What would you rather? some popping ass packaging and a product that sucks ass, OR decent packaging with an amazing product? Sign me up for the second option s‘il vous plaît! (please).


I’m obsessed with these. They’re kind of my go-to’s. I made sure to get colors that I can see myself wearing everyday for the first time around so that I could see how well they held up. For the most part these lipsticks are very opaque! (You’ll see in my swatches below). You can sheer it out if you feel like the color is too solid as well! Layering is completely optional. These tend to be drying but like EVERY liquid lipstick, you have to moisturize. Be sure to regularly exfoliate and moisturize your lips so that they won’t get severely cracked and dry.  In addition to the Ultra Matte lipsticks being opaque, they also settle well into the skin of your lips. The choice is completely up to you if you decide that you want to wear liner or not (i suggest a liner for the very light shades). These are super WOC (Women of Color) friendly! I find that what I love most about these lippies is that they almost look different on everyone! On my friend Gerlande who is deeper in complexion, Limbo looked like a luxurious nude. On me, Limbo looked like a chocolate brown. The longevity is great! LAX lasted on me the entire day. Few touch ups here and there but nothing major. I can definitely see me buying more colors! I still can’t believe they’re only $6/ea. I’m a fan!


colour pop ultra lip swatches: trap, beeper, limbo, lax

WITH FLASH! (L-R): Trap, Beeper, Limbo, LAX

colour pop ultra matte lipsticks trap, beeper, limbo & lax

NO FLASH! Indoor w/ lights on (L-R): Trap, Beeper, Limbo, LAX


Have you guys tried anything from Colour Pop? if so, what are your faves?

I purchased the products mentioned above with my own money. This post does not contain affiliate links.