Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control ♥

black vanilla edge control
Dude, you ever have those days where you just want to get out of the house? For whatever reason I was bored beyond my mind one day and just needed to see day light and be around humans. Luckily for me I live walking distance away from a Mall so I took a nice stroll down the yellow brick road!
My first stop was Michael’s, then I decided to breeze through Target. By the way, Target is slowly but surely making it’s way up to being one of my all time favorite places to shop: you can almost NEVER leave empty handed! First stop was the makeup isle! (it was literally ransacked. nothing was in stock…at least for woman of color *le sigh*…Just KNOW. I will be back to try Shea Moisture’s foundation:

*birdman hand rub*

Fast forward: I make my way over to the natural hair care section…Low and behold! Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control. I picked it up realizing I was running low on my favorite edge control (Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste). In addition to me thinking it wouldn’t hurt to try something new 🙂

 Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control

black vanilla edge control
First off, let me start by saying that the Black Vanilla Edge Control smells delicious! I wanted to eat it omg. It reminded me of a sugar cookie that my grandma would make during the holidays.  I typically have twists/box braids in but when my hair loosens by my edges it gives me room to fleek them out. This product has a gel-like consistency reminds me of whipped butter. Baby, I smoothed this bad boy on to my edges and I have to say….I was impressed. My baby hairs were LAYED HONEY. Just know Chilli from TLC would be proud…Mmkay? What I especially like about it was that it was non-greasy and didn’t leave behind any white residue or film in my hair (pet-peeve, i hate that! *side eyes ORS Edge Control*). I’ve made the smart decision by keeping this in my purse for quick on-the-go touch-up’s. I love it! Would it replace my old favorite? probably not. For the simple fact that my curlz passion fruit control paste is GREAT for twist outs. LOL. 
All in all, I recommend Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control! It’s definitely essential to have in your touch-up stash! 🙂

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