Your Job Is Cool..But Don’t Forget Your Goals, Bro.


In today’s day and age, it is an absolute blessing to have a job! whether it be part-time or full-time. Having a job makes you feel like you have purpose in this world. It feels amazing to feel important! However, If it’s temporary please be mindful of your own goals and dreams! Don’t get fucked up in the game because of a weak title. Growing is essential and how will you be able to do that if you fall victim to comfort and convenience? Sometimes we lowball ourselves because we feel like we can do no better if we were on our own. Not true! Not only is this post a friendly reminder..but that is also a note to self as well. For you and I..

Your Goals shouldn’t be ‘Plan Z’

planning your goals

Having a job (if it’s not your career) can make you forget about your own personal goals that you have for yourself or or your brand REAL quick. If you’re in school…My hat goes off to you.  I’ve been there and no matter how much you try to put 100% in everything that you do, you’re going to lack somewhere. Hopefully it’s NOT school! It’s too easy to get lost in the sauce if you’re just breathing through your days and not living through your goals. I know there are many who would argue that sometimes you must do things you won’t always like just to get by. While I can respect that, I still feel like your goals shouldn’t suffer.

Every time I had a job where I didn’t feel challenged enough, I would quit. I felt no longer happy? I would quit. Management just started acting exponentially suspect? I would quit. It’s not that I don’t like being told what to do, but one of my main fears in life is staying stagnant.

I had a bad habit of forgetting about myself all to make some boss happy so they can look good in front of THEIR bosses. Bad habit or gift + curse? 🙂

I would look around at all my superiors and see how unhappy and stuck they felt at their jobs that they’ve basically made careers out of. That wasn’t something I wanted to be around because 9 time out of 10, they would inflict their discontent with themselves on their employees. (Not cool!) Resigning my positions didn’t make me feel like I was a quitter — I just felt like I owed more to myself and that there was something missing: My own personal goals. This left me to self reflect on a lot of things:


Your passion should be your forever. And if you don’t think you have a passion, look deeper. We have multiple passions! One of mine? I love helping people! (Fun fact: I just realized this as I was typing the first sentence of this paragraph..crazy, right?). I remember having a conversation with my boyfriend J one day and he put the purpose of a ‘passion’ into perspective for me. He said ‘Your passion is something that you are willing to do for free’…Basically something you don’t mind doing at all. Eventually you will make it lucrative down the line.

So please, if you have a goal, a dream, or even an idea…follow through with it. Continue to be awesome at your job, but remember to be great with your goals in mind. Money isn’t fulfilling if it stems from working a job you’re sick of. Especially if it does not benefit your experience and is not tied in with your passion!

Ever felt caught up with a job? I’d love to hear your story 🙂

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