IMATS New York 2016 Recap + Haul!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! — I FINALLY Popped my IMATS cherry! I can’t believe I missed IMATS two times in a row! (2014 & 2015) But that kind of thing happens when you wait too long to buy your ticket. *womp womp wompppp*

*sigh* sorry guys. I know this post was LONG overdue. Yo! I was almost about to NOT go! Tickets for the general public were sold out. But because I had a Pro Card, I was able to get one for myself at a discounted rate ($40) and one for my mom at a general admission rate ($65). I decided to go on a Sunday because my mom was off as well and I did not want to go alone! (My friends aren’t into makeup like I am) So thanks for the emotional support mommy 🙂 Unfortunately, we had to leave early because my mom got sick…It sucked but I was still grateful to attend such a festive event nonetheless.

I can’t speak for Friday or Saturday but there wasn’t a line when I got there 🙂 But heavens…when I tell you PEOPLE!? There were TONS of makeup enthusiasts, makeup junkies, makeup hoarders, makeup hype beasts…(hype beasts…yes, thats shade!)..There were tons of people that were there that ‘kind of‘ liked makeup and held up lines because of it. Alright, now…Don’t get me wrong: I applaud and respect anyone who’s interested in becoming educated about makeup…but for Christ SAKES not while people are trying to purchase things..Lawd!


I mainly went for the education…Some of the information given out was very valuable and those $65 tickets could have easily been $500-$1000. One seminar I was happy to attend was Eve Pearl’s! She was showing people her reverse contouring method and gave tips on how to get clients together quickly when you’re sort of pressed for time.Eve Pearl showing her 'Reverse Contouring' method at IMATS New York 2016

Makeup Forever Pro Educator & Makeup Artist Nick Lujan! How BADASS was this? I was just strolling by and was fortunate to get a snap of him in action. He had a crowd of people (including me) so mesmerized by his work! This wasn’t even the finished product.

Makeup Artist Nick Lujan (Makeup Forever Pro Educator)

I could have took more pictures but because it was my first time there, I wanted to take in everything.

OCC Glitters


Again, I went mainly for the education! LOL. Plus I just got the main things that I needed. I mostly spoiled myself with the Melanie Mills Rose Gold body shimmer; Always been on my list of things to try! I didn’t get too much cause I have the same discounts online. The discounts were kind of regular if you’re a regular professional artist. If you’re a makeup enthusiast, you were in makeup heaven! lol.

  • Those lashes that are stacked were $1!
  • Lashes In A Box $20 (reg. $25)
  • Gleam by Melanie Mills ‘Rose Gold’ $28 (reg. $40)
  • Z Palette Zebra Large $16 (reg. $20)
  • Shadow Shields $6 (reg. $10)
  • Spatula $4
  • Mixing Plate $7


Did you attend IMATS 2O16? If so, how was your experience?

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