INHMD Hue Beauty + Natural Hair Affair 2016 

I attended the 2nd Annual Natural Hair Affair. It is an annual one-day event whose purpose is to allow an opportunity for women worldwide to meet in their own communities while networking, sharing, and virtually meeting other women participating in same day meetups cross country and continents! Natural hair meetups are events designed to inform, share, inspire, and aid individuals in their natural hair journey.

I was super excited. (I just wish the room wasn’t so yellow LOL!) This was my first time attending. I tried to make it in time to get a swag bag but my mom decided last minute that she wanted to come too…making me late! *twitches eye*

From the moment I walked in, I was amazed by how many natural folk there are in NEW YORK!!! Can I say something? I felt blessed. I felt blessed because I’m looking around and I’m seeing woman who look like me. Women who are entrepreneurs and made opportunities for themselves. Women who I am sure have built their brands from the ground up! I really don’t mean to make this about race ya’ll but…..It’s a proven fact that Black Women spend tons of money on beauty products a year. So for me to see black owned beauty brands like 127 | East warms my heart because not only are we showing our sons and daughter’s that they too can run and own successful businesses…But we’re influencing the circulation of the dollar in the Black Community. But you know, thats a whole different blog post! LOL.

It was truly mesmerizing to see a generation of women embracing what they were naturally born with. They were taking on roles as teachers to pass on techniques, tricks and tips that will aid those who are either just starting their Natural Hair Journey or those who just want to further their knowledge.

I’m really happy that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and pushed through my shyness to attend this event because not only did I enjoy myself, I was inspired.

My boo Kenza from rocking some swatches from 127 | East! I’m inlove with the wine colored one.

Eden Body Works was doing free henna tattoos if you purchased a product! These were so gorgeous especially with the hint of glitter!

Makeup Artist Daphney Moise
NYC Makeup Artist Daphney Moise doing her thing! Kenza and I stopped by her booth and couldn’t help but noticed THE Juvia’s Place Palette on her table. Peep Kenza’s reaction though!

Side note: Ya’ll see that twist out though? Define for the gawds!

Her facial expressions basically solidified why I need this palette in my life.


Watching Jonquel do her thing LIVE was dope! She draws these amazing empowering images! Such precision! She was super sweet and even complimented me on my lashes! Lol. Her hand bags are to die for. My favorite was the Egyptian and the Beyonce Formation one! If you make it to the bottom of this post, I have a photo of it!




TIME OUT — Do ya’ll see these skirts?! I wanted to die. These skirts are by Malacia Anderson of LiLi Creations! I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful the patterns were. Definitely will be copping a skirt in the future and I’ll do an OOTD with it! 🙂


She slayed. She slayed good.

The Wrap Life had a table full of goodies!

Hue Beauty Natural Hair Affair

These pieces are from Pearl’s Boutique! Kenya and I had to spend atleast a good 30 minutes talking with the Owners because their stuff was so dog on cute! It’s owned by a Mother and Daughter (which I think is amazing!). I copped a beautiful necklace from here that I can’t wait to show off soon 🙂

Follow Pearl’s Boutique! WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM

Hue Beauty Natural Hair Affair

Me: Look at all this naturalness!

Kenza: When you get a room full of natural women, it just smells like berries!

*cracks up laughing*

(L-R: Me, Kenza & Kamilah!)

Hue Beauty Natural Hair Affair
Republic And Company had shirts with sayings from MARTIN! the show we all know and love 🙂

Hue Beauty Natural Hair Affair
These guys were so funny!

We stopped by the Troots Beauty booth and had our fare share of fun! Those Instagram boards are just so freakin adorable. I can’t wait to try their products!


With all the dopeness going on in the room, I could easily see myself going broke. I had to limit myself to just 2 gifts for myself! LOL. Here are the goodies that I copped:

I copped a makeup bag from Jonquel Art! (@jonquelart) I’m still recovering from my life being slayed from this. She drew this FREE HAND 😍

This super cute necklace from pearl’s boutique! It was giving me Beyoncé ‘Formation’ tease! I just HAD to get it.

After the event, I was hungry! I made my way over to my favorite Brooklyn restaurant Pies N’ Thighs over in Williamsburg. I must have forgotten how congested Brooklyn can be because it had to take me over an hour to just FIND parking! And to top it all off, it was raining and I had forgotten my umbrella! But I didn’t let that *dampen* my day 😉

I got chicken and waffles with a mimosa!


INHMD didn’t fall short of anything less than perfect! I can’t wait to be back next year!

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