Project Melanin: What It Means To Me

OMG. Guys! My apologies for not posting as often! These past few weeks have been hectic as hell. Between preparations for finals and doing photoshoots left and right, I’ve lost sight of a few things. Hang tight though! I have some awesome beauty tips I want to share with you guys in the upcoming posts!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you this photoshoot I did makeup for. The talented photographer behind these photos is Gabriel of Levue Studios. The concept? Being unapologetically black and embracing the skin we’re in. So simple yet very slept on. THIS IS A BIG DEAL! As a black woman, I’ve noticed that we’ve reached that state of consciousness where we’ve accepted ourselves. Seeking validation in regards to how we measure our own beauty is becoming irrelevant.

As we grow, we learn things about ourselves that we’ve neglected due to us being innocently oblivious. Like the richness of our skin. The depth of our eyes — wether they’re deep set or almond shaped. The color or texture of our hair. The uniqueness of our many nose shapes!

Although the white lines you see drawn on their faces were done for artistic expression, I placed these lines on the facial features I wanted to highlight most. See how prominent Monica’s cheek bones are? And notice how Jestine’s eyes look like they want to tell a meaningful story.

I hope you guys enjoy these photos as much as Gabe and I enjoyed creating them!

Project Melanin

Project Melanin | Lipstick Villain

Makeup Artist Chrissie Daudier (me) | Stylist: Lexii Ward | Photographer: Gabriel Johnson of Levue Studios| Models: Monica Chanel & Jestine Jonele

Project Melanin ,, Model: Jestine Jonele

Model: Jestine Jonele

Project Melanin .. Model: Monica Chanel

Model: Monica Chanel

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