NYX Queens Grand Opening

NYX Queens

NYX Queens has arrived! the brand we all know and love finally has a free standing store in Queens, New York!

NYX is a brand that is wildly popular amongst..well everyone. From beauty guru’s/enthusiasts, makeup artists, and junior high/high school girls who are just getting into makeup without breaking bank. The NYX Queens grand opening was set to be from July 1st, 2nd, & 3rd from 10am – 5pm (Fri & Sat) & 11am – 6pm (Sun) at Queens Center Mall.

Man. Can I begin to tell you how annoyed I was that I DIDN’T HAVE MY BELOVED SONY CAMERA WITH ME?! 🙁 Completely forgot it at home due to rushing and pacing through the house. Luckily I had my iPhone 6S handy.

I left my house around 8:45am and went to pick up my girl friends Tia and Paulie. They didn’t live that far away from me so that was clutch! We parked in the mall’s JCPenny garage and made our way to the NYX store. The moment we seen a long ass line, we already knew what it was lol. So we quickly followed suit. Giiiiirl there was a line and a half! I kid you not. We got these super cute wrist bands! This basically meant that we were the first 250 people to arrive and would be getting a free gift 🙂

We were given refreshments and cookies while we waited which was super cute!

NYX Queens Grand Opening

The line wasn’t that bad. It was moving every few minutes or so. I like the way they organized this event. They even had this cute Snapchat filter!

So we finally got to the front of the line where the Ring lights were! OMFG. The lighting was so fucking perfect!NYX Queens Grand Opening 6


NYX Queens Grand Opening 7

NYX Queens Grand Opening 8

I have to get my hands on this ring light. SERIOUSLY.

Since we were amongst the first 250 people on line. We received In our free gift bags, there were scratch off cards. Once we scratched them off, we were rewarded with another free gift! Tia got a free lipstick and I got a free mirror! Scroll down to see!


My NYX Queens Haul!

I purchased a glitter pigment and primer 🙂 Oh! And we also got a a free mini lip shaped bag





By the way, I also here that there will be a NYX store in Roosevelt field Mall!