Miss Jessie’s CEO, Miko Branch Talks Starting A Business From Scratch

Miko Branch Titi Branch of Miss Jessies

Miko and Titi Branch, Co-Founders of Miss Jessie’s

As a natural haired woman of color, Miss Jessie’s has been my go-to for years! I remember when I first learned of the brand, I used to stalk their website religiously gawking at all the before/after photos of their clients using their products. I appreciated all the marvelous kinks and curls that were fiercely defined!

Miko Branch CEO of Miss Jessie's & Phil Taitt

Miko Branch Co-Founder & CEO of Miss Jessie’s & Phil Taitt of The Phil Taitt Show at Khamit Kinks salon in Brooklyn, New York. Photography by Tommy Curtis

I was transitioning at the time so I couldn’t wait to give their products a try after I grew the cojones to big chop. I watched endless YouTube videos of how to use their products so by the time I did my big chop, I had it all mapped out  I sit here 5 years later with a bathroom cabinet full of Miss Jessie’s products!

Below is an interview between a great friend of mine, Phil Taitt and CEO & Co-Founder of Miss Jessie’s Miko Branch discussing the success of the Miss Jessie’s brand and how sisters Miko & Titi started it all from scratch!

Phil and Miko touch on topics concerning natural hair, the rise of the Miss Jessie’s empire, and how Miko and Titi finessed their brilliant marketing plan on how they got the word out about their products.

“Texture is universal. A Jewish woman can have the same texture as an African American woman. We create products to address some of the concerns and issues that many of us experience with our hair. It has no color, it has no face..it’s really about a solution and we try to offer as many as we can.” — Miko Branch, CEO & Co-Founder of Miss Jessie’s

Amazing interview Phil & Miko! I was definitely inspired and will be purchasing my copy of Creating a Successful Business from Scratch.

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image credit: urbanbeautynetwork.com

If you are in the NYC area, you can also make an appointment to get your hair done at the amazing Miss Jessie’s salon located at 441 Broadway, Suite 2, New York, NY 10013!