Did Someone Say Tequila?!

Girls Day Brunch Toast

Because sometimes you gotta put the DSLR down, schedule the product photography for another day and start living. The photos you’re looking at were recently taken at my friend Tia‘s brunch last week Sunday. This had to be the most alcoholic brunch I’ve ever been to lol.

There was food! Because it was so yummy, I didn’t get to snap a quick photo of it. Chrissy made monkey bread, and I made Angel Food Cake 🙂 Tia made bacon, hashbrowns, and Tia’s grandma made cheese grits. YO! Can you guys believe that was my first time ever having cheese grits!?

Oh, the joys of being a blogger. You want to document all the awesome memories, but also enjoy every second of it.

Ironically it was International Tequila Day! I promise this isn’t a lie. Snapchat even had a filter! But my story deleted after 24 passed =( LOL.

Summer 2016…I’ve learned a lot! I made amazing new friendships with great people. Having done so has also caused me to reflect on my past relationships with old friends…I can’t be the only one this has happens to! We all sang, danced and laughed. Especially since I attempted to do the electric slide, and failed successfully! Moments like this I wouldn’t give up for the world! I wish it wasn’t August and summer wasn’t almost over 🙁

Girls Day Brunch Tequila

Girls Day Brunch Toast 2

To all my readers (U.S.) under 21, I encourage you guys not to drink until you turn 21.