Generation Beauty 2016 NYC | Event Recap & Swag

generation-beauty-2016-nyc-4I popped my Generation Beauty cherry! This year was my first time attending Generation Beauty by Ipsy! Since I am a member of IpsyOS (a beauty creator network), I was given two complimentary tickets for both days: Saturday, September 17th and Sunday, September 18th. Which was AWESOME. I was ecstatic to be invited! Furthermore, I wanted to see what the hype was about!

For those of you who are not familiar, Ipsy – a company created by YouTube sensation Michelle Phan, is a monthly subscription beauty service ($10/mo) where you receive a swag box of both deluxe and full sized beauty goodies from various brands ranging from drugstore and high-end products. Generation Beauty by Ipsy is a makeup convention(?) where Beauty enthusiasts and Beauty Creators (Youtubers + Bloggers) can network, meet new people and also get a personalized experience with brands. Tickets range from $80 – $180+.

The Begining

When you register on the first day, you are handed a map of the convention center/vendor booths. On the sides of the map were pre-cut tickets you could rip off for each vendor in exchange for a free gift. If you lost the ticket, you can’t redeem anything. I went with one of my best friends Tia, who’s also a beauty blogger! ( It’s good to have a buddy system for these type of things (like taking turns waiting in line for each other) because you get a lot done.  I could see why this would be a beauty enthusiast’s dream.


After we got our Beauty Creator badges, we entered into the freebie realm. And holy shit. If only you guys could’ve seen the lines. Tia and I had so many questions! But before we allowed ourselves to become overwhelmed, we headed over to Too Faced’s booth! They were color matched and were both given a free full-size Born This Way Concealer. Full-size bro. Count me IN!


Saturday + Sunday

After waiting for samples on a few lines, we started to feel like our creator badges held no purpose. Some brands acknowledged us as beauty creators and some brands could care less and were not interested in getting to know who we were when we approached them. I kind of have mixed feelings about that but I won’t blame Generation Beauty, Michelle Phan, or Ipsy for that. Frankly, some of the volunteers who worked the event were clueless when we had questions about our badges.  From a networking standpoint, I was a bit disappointed. But hey, life goes on. We just continued to get our samples and kept it moving.generation-beauty-2016-nyc-7




There were some youtube/beauty gurus in the building…I saw Patrick Starr frolicking about. Boy does this man know how to start traffic! MakeupShayla was taking photos with her fans at The Estee Edit, and Kandee Johnson was having a meet and greet at OGX. I also heard ChrisspyKathleen Lights and Desi Perkins were there too. I’m sure there were more.

Thank you Ipsy for the free tickets to this event!