When I Get Mad, I Like to Clean…A Lot


I Like to Clean When I’m Mad. I am an Angry Compulsive Cleaner. Random, I know! I read somewhere that ‘A clean car is a sign of a sick mind’ … It took me to be inconsolably upset for me to fully understand this analogy. Curious as to why I am this way, I fell victim to google by self-diagnosing myself. I’m sure you already know that this self-diagnosis didn’t end well. I’m not a big fan of house cleaning but I notice how my fondness for it significantly increases when I have a lot on my mind.

Are you a part of the Angry Compulsive Cleaner club?

I am no stranger to compulsively wanting to clean when upset. And sometimes, if I’m really ticked off, I’ll even binge clean. I can’t be the only person who does this…Like, what triggers this feeling exactly? Is there a club I can join or something? I dunno…Angry Compulsive Cleaners (ACC), perhaps? Wow…that almost actually sounds like a ‘thing’ LOL! I might be on to something.

I’ve given it some thought and here’s what I think: We like to compulsively clean when we’re upset because it’s a way of controlling some of the chaos we’re going through.

Having a clean, tidy living space helps reduce stress. Not only is this therapeutic for us but any kind of physical task or activity being done is a great way to distract us and temporarily take our mind off of the problem. Putting on some music helps too! plants-925808_1280

Til next time! Try not to send yourself into a frenzy 😉 Have any rage cleaning stories? DO share! I’d hate to feel like I’m all in this alone.