We Forgot How to be Friends

How to be Friends

When it comes to forming a friendship before getting into a relationship, I’ve noticed we’re put on this pedestal and given these expectations that sound a lot like relationship prerequisites: You’re proving your potential as a lover versus proving your potential as a friend. Essentially, It should be the other way around. Instead of building trust and friendship, we’re setting romantic standards.

And that’s confusing as fuck.

You know what that creates? Situationships. We expect entirely too much from each other too soon. We want instant gratification. We live in a time where everything is at the tips of our fingers. Literally. Too lazy to call in your order? There’s an Android or iPhone app to accommodate you. Don’t want to pick up your order? Download the Seamless & GrubHub app. Food got cold on it’s way to you? There’s a microwave in the kitchen. We don’t get a chance to experience the true art of being patient. No, I’m not blaming our iPhones and our society for being technologically advanced. Well…I sorta am, lol. However, there’s no denying being spoiled with instant gratification has trickled down into our love lives somehow. The generations that came before us barely had things as easy as we have it. Let’s be real, they got to experience patience on a level we’re probably uncomfortable with. Strangely, I’m slightly envious of that.

You’re more likely to value a relationship that derived from friendship.

How to be Friends

Somewhere along the lines, we forgot how to be friends. We forgot how to expect nothing and let the vibe between us define our connection…Let’s chill on romanticizing relationships we are not ready for yet.

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