Time Out — Can We Talk About Janelle Monáe’s Gown at the 2017 Oscars?

So I’m going to take a wild guess and assume you watched the 2017 Oscars last night. I’m also going to assume you witnessed the same slayage I did. BRUH. It’s safe to say we’re not worthy of such a slay! Well known for wearing suits, Janelle Monáe stole the show in a Elie Saab gown styled by her stylist Maeve Reilly. When asked about stylist Janelle Monae in a gown instead of a suit, her stylist replied:

I think as time went on, we realized that we were kind of falling into a dress pattern, and embracing a different side of Janelle. But I think we’ve done a really good job of keeping it kind of quirky and young and interesting, as opposed to most actresses [who] are like “throw on a dress and go.” We really look for interesting quirky pieces. She wore a suit the other night — it’s not that we’ll never wear a suit again, but we definitely embraced the “actress” vibe.

A closer look at the details, hair and makeup…

Janelle Monáe rocked a pixie cut with a stunning gold Artemesia crown by Jennifer Behr, a black and gold statement choker paired with subtle gold earrings to complement the gold tones of the ensemble. The makeup sang the same tune with a neutral gold eye, bronzed skin, and natural lip. She’s rocking that pixie cut so effortlessly!

You can achieve Janelle Monae’s look at the drug store! 😉 Makeup artist Jessica P. Smalls used products from the Covergirl Queen Collection (Monáe is a brand ambassador) to achieve a “bronze goddess” look. “I took some COVERGIRL truBlend Bronzer ($7.99) in Bronze and mixed it in into her moisturizer to prep her skin,” she tells us. “This added a bit of shimmer and all over color. Once her look was complete, I defined her cheeks a bit more by blending Covergirl Queen Collection Natural Hue Bronzer ($9.99) in Ebony Bronze to intensify the glow.”

Dat highlight tho’..