Remy Ma just Son’d tf Out of Nicki Minaj on new track ‘ShEther” + Celebs React

When it comes to Hip Hop, I love to hear a good verbal spar between artists. Remy Ma held nothing back for those 6 minutes and 57 seconds. The New York rapper let it all hang out on new track “ShEther”..I must warn you I had to pause every couple minutes just to pick up pieces of my heart.

Before you listen to the track below, here are some notable punchlines that snatched my edges:

“Stop talking numbers, you signed a 360 deal
Through Young Money, through Cash Money, through Republic
Which means your money go through 5 niggas before you touch it
Any video, promotions come out of your budget”

“Let’s be honest; you stole that line ’bout bitches being your sons
How you take my ’09 jail tweet and run?
Talking ’bout “bringing knives to a fight with guns,”
When the only shot you ever took was in your buns!”

“Left your day 1 ’cause you heard he was on some cheat shit
Then got with the dude that told you on some creep shit
But what happened to Omeeka? No, on some G-shit
Left him and took a pic with the dude he had beef with
And we all know it was a beef that you started
Pillow talkin out of your ass, man, this bitch retarded”

“You only fronted on Mariah cause Mariah don’t Carey” 

“Only time you touched a trigga’s when you fuck Trey Songz
Coke head, you cheated on your man with Ebro
I might leak the footage of you sniffin’ them ski slopes”

“You said you never fucked Wayne, how stupid I look, B?
You named yourself Nicki Lewinski, the mind of a rookie
‘Cause you was suckin’ his dick, and now he tired of your nookie
You claimed you never fucked Drake, now that’s when you took me”

“I’m the bad girl? But she the one out here misleading the black girls..
All these fake asses influenced by that girl?
Dying from botched surgeries, what a sad world
But before the butt job, you was a Sponge Bob
Suckin’ cock for records, captain of the cum squad”

“I got trigger fingers, you got bitter fingers
You must think you Drake, and I’m Twitter fingers


Nicki’s response

Celebs reaction

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