Like a Boss! Rihanna accepts Accepts Harvard’s Humanitarian Award & Gives Inspiring Speech

“So I made it to Harvard” were the first words the pop star said as she began to reflect on her journey as both a musician and humanitarian:

“At 17 I started my career here in America, and by the age of 18, I started my first charity organization,” she continued. “I went on to team up with other organizations in the following years and met, helped, and even lost some of the most beautiful souls, from six-year-old Jasmina Anema who passed away in 2010 from leukemia, her story inspired thousands to volunteer as donors through DKMS. Fast forward to 2012 and then my grandmother, the late Clara Brathwaite, she lost her battle with cancer, which is the very reason and the driving force behind the Clara Lionel Foundation. We’re all human. And we all just want a chance: a chance at life, a chance in education, a chance at a future, really. And at CLF, our mission is to impact as many lives as possible, but it starts with just one. Just one.”

I took away something very valuable from this acceptance speech. Not only do I find Riri to be even more of a dope ass person, but she’s right. All it takes is just one helping hand. In a world where we’re raised to pretty much be selfish assholes, we often forget how easy it is to help someone and not expect anything in return. Let’s be real, most of us didn’t care about anyone except for ourselves at 6 years old. I know I wasn’t! I was too obsessed over apple juice and graham crackers. Safe to say, Riri had me beat on this one!

“You don’t have to be rich to help somebody. You don’t have to be famous, you don’t even have to be college educated. It starts with your neighbor. the person sitting right next to you. You just do whatever you can to help in any way that you can.” – Robyn Rihanna Fenty

On Tuesday, Dior announced that they will donate a percentage of proceeds from each $710 “We Should All Be Feminists” t-shirt to Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation, that funds effective education and health programs around the world.


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