Me 2

Since a I was a little girl, I’ve always had an unhealthy obsession with makeup and all things fabulous! As a little Lipstick Villain in training, I remember watching my Mother get ready for work. Although she is a RN/Hospice Nurse, that did not stop her from contouring and highlighting, Honey! [two snaps!]  My mother definitely played a big inspiration in regards to my love for makeup artistry. She works with people who are elderly, sick, and are approaching the last of their days. However, this did not mean that she were to be bare faced and regular. When I asked her why does she bother to put on a full face of makeup, My mom tapped into the psychological side of it, and told me ‘If I were a patient, I would want to see a pretty face taking care of me. I would be delighted!” Those words spoke volumes to my heart. You can make someone’s day by just being yourself and expressing that through any medium. Makeup is not only a cosmetic instrument to every girl’s purse, but it is very much an expression. I believe every woman is beautiful inside and out. Makeup not only allows the every day woman to feel more chic, It is also a lifestyle! From ‘Plain Jane’ to Glamour Girl, we can all agree that we all have that one item in our makeup bag, clutch, or pocket that we absolutely cannot live without from blush to lip balm.

Because of my ever growing passion for cosmetics, I became a self-taught Makeup Artist. I began doing makeup in High School when I was 18. So eager for knowledge, and so hungry for experience! I began practicing on my best friends, my cousins, and my mom! When it comes to makeup, I always feel like the bar needs to be raised higher in terms of skill. I never allow myself to get comfortable exercising one way of doing something. Because of that, I am forever challenging and pushing myself to deliver and SLAY from client to client. As an artist, I am forever evolving! As humans, I feel like we all should evolve to be better versions of ourselves; why? because we are ALL destined for greatness. I strive to bring my clients visions to life each and every time I pick up a makeup brush.

It’s about expression! Artistic expression. I love drastic looks. I feel like having a beat face separates you from the norm. Yes girl! Wear that exaggerated cat eye! Wear the hell out of that neon fuchsia lip! Let that face be contoured for the GODS! Why not? Makeup allows you to express however you feel. Whether it be natural or drag 😉

I have worked from the lightest of skin tones to the darkest of skin tones! All very beautiful! I am furthering my education by taking courses that will help me grow and strengthening my skills as a makeup artist!