New Trend? Fake Brow Extensions!

Eyebrow Extensions

As weird as it sounds, it’s on the rise! Speaking as someone who works in the beauty industry, I think brow extensions are cool for film and creative photoshoot ideas! For instance if you’re trying to transform into someone else, or just exaggerate a facial feature. However, Brow extensions are being offered as an actual service the same way eyelash extensions are being offered! Now, I’m not going to front, Initially I found the idea of brow extensions to be crazy! We got lace front brows too?! I mean, don’t we trick men enough? LOL! (i.e: weaves, hair, makeup, waist trainers). My boyfriend at the time used to hate it when I would remove my lashes after a long day. Imagine if I were to just start plucking brow hairs out of my face? or even worse, pulling a full lace front brow off of my face? Not too pretty. :rofl: Shortly after, I thought of cancer patients and cancer survivors. This service is an amazing idea for them! I can’t imagine how happy  it would make their hearts to have a full set of brows! Especially for ladies who have little to no brows due to a scar or it being hereditary.


Here are a few photo’s of brow extensions on some ladies!

brow extensions

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brow extensions


What are your thoughts? How do you feel about brow extensions? Would you ever get it done?


  • Wow looks better than I expected, I think this is gonna take over the filling in with a pencil and what not.
    And from the looks of it, it seems it would give room for ones natural brow to grow??

    • WORD! At least it looks natural and not overdone. I’m still on the fence about it, it would have to grow on me lol

  • Fake brow extensions seem to be a bit overboard for the everyday person; however, it does seem like a smart investment if you’re someone who has sparse brows and desires thicker ones. I have to say, I disagree with your point regarding makeup being used to “trick” men. Not all women wear makeup to attract men; some wear it for creative reasons, enjoyment purposes, while others wear it as a confidence booster.


    • As a makeup artist, I’ m forever encouraging people to wear makeup because they want to. Not for men. I did not mean it in a literal sense, I was just shedding some humor on the new trend 🙂

  • Girl! When I first saw this I thought the same thing… LAWD. lol. But after reading your thoughts on cancer patients and people who just can’t grow them it’s not a horrible idea… it’s better than the permanent marker look. *covers eyes*. I like your blog… new follower x


    • LOL! I still think it’s slightly weird, but it will definitely have to grow on me lol. Thankyou love!!

  • I like the idea for people with thinner brows….some of the drawn on brows look scary to me…..but I wouldn’t do it because my brows are super thick and I have to get them waxed like every two weeks. P.S. Thanks for dropping by!

    • Me too! join the thick brow club!

  • MsLady

    I don’t do fake lashes because not only are they ugly to me I have long pretty lashes. I doubt if I will do these fake brows, however, does anyone know what products grow the brows back quickly?

    • I heard castor oil works!

      • MsLady

        Thanks so much Chrissie! Also I am loving your blog. I am a new follower. 😀

  • I’m not 100% a fan either but I guess it is better than overzealous pencil application. But I wonder whether the glue (if that is what is used) would have the opposite effect of thinning out the brows?

    Also, they make beard lace fronts. It’s just not going to end 😀

    • LMAO it probably will never end.

  • I think it’s great for cancer patients and those who just can’t grow their eyebrows for anything. Awesome! But it definitely adds to the many beauty routines of beauty lovers. I mean literally pulling back the wig, taking off the brows, and unhooking the corset! Lawd. Just as much work taking everything off than putting everything on.

    • LMAOOO. My sentiments exactly.